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  • Construction Aluminum Profile Manufacturer & Supplier & Factory
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  • extruded aluminium framing
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Construction Aluminum Profile Manufacturer & Supplier & Factory
aluminium building tube
aluminum building materials
aluminium frame
extruded aluminum framing
extruded aluminium framing
extruded aluminum

Construction Aluminum Profile

Alloy Ingredient: AL-6063
Temper: T5,T6
Surface treatment: Mill finish, Anodized, Electrophoresis, Powder coating, Sandblasting, wood grain
Color: Customized color is available
Pay terms: Pay by T/T; 30% DEPOSITE upon confirming the order, BALANCE should be paid before the shipping
Sample cost: Samples can be free while the weight under 2KG, or in the special condition, samples cost can be free
Apply to: Aluminum window or aluminum doors structure, aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, shutter window, windows & doors frame, building decoration
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS
Transport package: as customer’s chosen. General package: shrink film.
Delivery time: Normally 15-30 days, depending on the quantity of the formal order

Construction and Decoration aluminum profile

Aluminum profiles for construction are a large class of products consisting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. 

There are many performance advantages of aluminum profiles for construction, so there is a large demand for construction aluminum profiles on the market.

The quality of the aluminum profiles used in construction is relatively light. This is a very reduced pressure for transporting one piece.

The technical requirements for installation is more easier.

What are the specifications for aluminum profiles for construction?





According to the width, it can be divided into: 50 series, 60 series, 70, 80, 90. The curtain wall also has 110, 140, 200 and so on.


Classification of aluminum profiles for construction


Aluminum alloys are divided into two major categories: cast aluminum alloy and deformed aluminum alloy according to their different production methods. The building is generally made of deformed aluminum alloy for rolling into sheets, foils, strips, extruded into rods, tubes or profiles of various complex shapes. Deformed aluminum alloys are classified into rust-proof aluminum alloy, hard aluminum, super-hard aluminum and special aluminum according to their performance and application. Industrial pure aluminum (L1 ~ L1), rust-proof aluminum alloy (LF2, LF21, etc.) and wrought aluminum (LD2) are generally used in the construction.



What is broken bridge aluminum profile


What is broken bridge aluminum profile? Broken bridge aluminum profile premise insulation broken bridge aluminum profile, insulated aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum alloy. Its structure is made of aluminum on both sides and made of plastic in the middle, so this new material combines the advantages of plastic and aluminum alloy, but also has a decorative effect, as well as more strengthening and aging resistance. .


Most of the broken bridge aluminum profiles are used to manufacture doors and windows, and help the doors and windows to achieve three sealing structures, which will properly separate the water vapor chamber, successfully balance the pressure of water and water, and improve the watertightness and airtightness of the doors and windows. In addition, through the piercing and breaking bridge connection, it can be said that the aluminum profile of the bridge is oxidized into silver white material and color spray paint, and is connected with the sand fabric and the coloring material to increase the decorative feeling of the profile.



How to identify broken aluminum profiles


Inferior products of broken bridge aluminum profiles are shoddy, which affects the whole body. It also affects human health. How do you identify broken aluminum profiles? The following points are divided into 3 points. Let everyone learn together!


1. Observe the surface of the profile for identification.


The quality is good, the most obvious thing is the surface of the broken aluminum profile. Generally, the surface of the broken aluminum profile is very related to the texture and texture, and the color of the surface is also very natural. It looks very smooth. feel. If it is a bad broken aluminum profile, the surface must be unobstructed, very rough, and the color does not look natural. When used for a period of time, the color of the spray will change color and fade, becoming less beautiful and full. It is.


2. The cut surface structure of the process profile


The geometry of the high-quality broken aluminum profiles is very precise and does not bend or twist. It looks very positive and its thickness is also very suitable.


3. Observe the insulation strip of the profile


When it comes to insulation strips, it is divided into imported and domestically produced. Most of the heat-insulating strips produced in China are made of plastic PVC, and the imported polyamide is nylon insulation strip. Therefore, if a good broken bridge aluminum profile is imported, because it has higher cost performance, it not only achieves the effect of heat insulation, environmental protection and energy saving, but also saves energy by 20-30%.


With the continuous expansion of market demand, the output of aluminum profiles has grown rapidly, and the application fields have been continuously explored. The aluminum profiles have undergone various improvements and innovations in product quality, specifications and quality, enabling them to be realized in new fields. Aluminum profiles are widely used in the construction industry, and their coverage has gradually penetrated into the home industry. Cases of partial or overall use in household products have been continuously produced, and they are unique in the home field with their unique personality.


1. Material characteristics of aluminum profiles

The aluminum profile has a density of about 2.7 g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of the density of copper. It is lighter in weight than other metal materials, and the strength and hardness are sufficient for the use of furniture. The aluminum profile is easy to process into specifications and is more convenient for bulk storage, packaging and transportation.

2. Application of aluminum profiles in the home

The aluminum alloy profile applied in modern office and home, the surface is sprayed with thermosetting resin powder, and the thermosetting resin powder is cured by high temperature to form a stable, firm and bright color coating. The surface-finished aluminum profile has formed a product line that blends into the office and indoor environment. Divided disassembly and assembly, finished installation and surface treatment are very suitable for use in the office space and work public space of modern cities, which are favored by enterprises and quickly popularized.

3. Development trend and prospect of aluminum profiles in application

Aluminum profiles can be widely used in medical, vehicle, packaging, aerospace, electronics and light industry, and the large reason is due to the maturity of surface treatment technology for aluminum profiles. In order to cater to a new generation of young consumers, modern homes tend to be more simple and fashionable. In terms of styling, they are more breakthrough and pay attention to formal aesthetic design. In terms of color, rich and varied, new decorative effects are respected; functionally, practical At the same time, without losing the aesthetics, the detailed design will be brought to the extreme. In terms of these needs, the varied roles of aluminum profiles are largely met. The cross-section shape has been supported by the appearance, with rich surface treatment, and the surface treatment technology of aluminum profiles is further explored, which will create a new look to meet more needs.


The characteristic material of aluminum profile has gradually been paid attention to with the shortage of timber resources. The principle of material utilization is always the mainstream principle of material utilization. How to give full play to the characteristics of aluminum profile or explore new application possibilities, or create new aluminum profile materials, so that The aluminum profile is better adapted to the application of the home. With the in-depth study of the aluminum profile material, it is believed that the aluminum profile will have a larger display space and application future.


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