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  • Aluminium Profile Supplier, Thermal Break Insulation Aluminum Profile
Aluminium Profile Supplier, Thermal Break Insulation Aluminum Profile

Insulation Thermal Break Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Alloy Ingredient: AL-6063
Temper: T5,T6
Surface treatment: Mill finish, Anodized, Electrophoresis, Powder coating, Sandblasting, wood grain
Color: Customized color is available
Pay terms: Pay by T/T; 30% DEPOSITE upon confirming the order, BALANCE should be paid before the shipping
Sample cost: Samples can be free while the weight under 2KG, or in the special condition, samples cost can be free
Apply to: Aluminum window or aluminum doors structure, aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, shutter window, windows & doors frame
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS
Transport package: as customer’s chosen. General package: shrink film.
Delivery time: Normally 15-30 days, depending on the quantity of the formal order

Thermal Break aluminum profile

Thermal Break insulation Window and Door Aluminum Profile

Heavy-duty sliding door aluminum profile purchase notes:


1, the purchase of heavy-duty sliding doors should pay attention to the thickness of the profile, the national standard aluminum alloy profile wall thickness cannot be less than 1.2 mm. The high quality heavy sliding doors reach 1.8mm-2.5mm.


2, pulleys, good pulleys with strong gravity, push and pull times up to 100,000 times, smooth sliding, no noise. Recommended glass pulley or imported stainless steel pulley, strong wear resistance, smooth sliding feel, durable. And pay attention to the design of the upper pulley block, check whether the pulley of the same material is used, and whether there is a bearing.

Pay special attention to these two points when purchasing.


The characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows compared with steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows have the following advantages:

l) Light weight and high strength. The density is only l/3 of the steel.

2) Good sealing performance. The sealing performance directly affects the use of windows and doors and energy consumption. The sealing performance includes four aspects: airtightness, watertightness, heat insulation and sound insulation.

3) Good durability and easy maintenance. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are not rusted, fading, non-shedding, almost no maintenance, and spare parts have a very long service life.

4) The decorative effect is elegant. The surface of the aluminum alloy door and window has an artificial oxide film and is colored to form a composite film layer. The composite film not only has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, but also has certain fireproofing power, and the gloss is extremely high. Due to its light weight and precise and accurate machining, the aluminum alloy doors and windows are light and flexible, and no noise.

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