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aluminium heat sink profiles

The aluminium extrusion process allows to make innumerable shapes profiles. Find great aluminium heat sink profiles in A&L Aluminum company.

  • Factory customized profile extrusion aluminum heat sink profiles

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    After the saturated water the thermal break will have more significant impact on the industrial aluminum heat sink profiles repeat spray, as the aluminum profile spray temperature reaches about 200℃, the thermal break inside water is difficult to evaporate instantly, so when the thermal bar is saturated after absorbing water, it will have bubble, that the profile failed.

    Therefore, the amount of water absorption on the spray process is to be strictly controlled.
    Water absorption is the inherent characteristics of nylon 66 thermal break bar, so the bar should be through as soon as possible after storage, make the first-in-first-out requirements, excessive moisture content will affect the wear efficiency or aluminum bubble phenomenon, it is recommended to save the best insulation temperature of 20℃-30℃, humidity <55%. 

  • The new design and modern aluminium heat sink profiles

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    If the thermal bar of the mechanical strength is not enough, you can’t guarantee good wind pressure performance, a direct impact on the safety of the building. If the heat resistance is not good, it will directly affect some surface treatment processes in the insulation aluminium heat sink profiles production process.

    Chemical resistance will not only affect the chemical treatment process in the process but also hinder the cleaning work in the future. If the linear expansion coefficient of a large difference, poor creep resistance or dimensional stability is not high will lead to deformation between the insulation strip and aluminium heat sink profiles loose, reducing energy-saving doors and windows of the air tightness, sound insulation and insulation and so on.

  • Wholesale 2017 new doors and window aluminum heat sink profiles

    Wholesale 2017 new doors and window aluminum heat sink profilesMore >

    To achieve the effect of energy conservation, we must consider from the thermodynamic point of view. Heat exchange in thermodynamics is divided into convection, conduction and radiation. Of course, these three methods also apply to the construction of architectural aluminum heat sink profiles and curtain walls.

    Conduction through one side of the object itself to the heat conduction to the other relative to the surface by the molecular movement of heat transfer. Radiation is energy that is directly transmitted by infrared rays. Regardless of the window made of any material, the most effective blockade of the above three heat exchangers can be referred to as the best energy-saving window or aluminum heat sink profiles. Some people say that "plastic window is energy-saving window" is not right.