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Aluminum alloy surface drawing process

Aluminium doors and windows manufacturers will introduce you the drawing aluminum surface, which can be based on the needs of decoration, made of ruled lines, chaos line, ripples, spinning lines and wrenches.
Straight wire drawing refers to the aluminum alloy surface with a mechanical friction method of processing straight lines. It has the dual role of brushing aluminum surface scratches and decorative aluminum surface. Straight drawing has continuous silk and intermittent silk two patterns. Continuous silk can use available stainless steel brush work on the aluminum surface obtain by continuous horizontal srtraight friction. Change the stainless steel brush wire diameter, can get different thickness lines. Intermittent silk lines generally obtained by the brushing machine or rubbing machine system. Preparation principle: the use of two sets of the same rotation differential wheel, the upper group of rapid rotation roller, the lower group of slow-rotating rubber roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate through from two sets of rollers, was brushing out delicate intermittent ruled lines.
Chaos drawing works a high speed wire brush, so that the aluminum plate around the friction obtained by a random, no obvious lines of matte silk lines, this processing has higher requirements to the aluminum and aluminum alloy surface.
Ripple generally got by corrugated machine or rubbing machine, the use of the roller group of the axial movement, brushing the aluminum alloy surface, resulting in wavy lines.
Spinning lines also known as rotary optical rotation, is the use of cylindrical felt or grinding wheel mounted on the drill, with kerosene to reconcile the polishing ointment, the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate obtained by grinding a spin print. It is mostly used for circular signage and small dial decorative.
Thread made by a small motor with a round felt on the shaft, it is fixed on the desk, with the edge of the table at about 60 degrees angle, the other to do with a fixed aluminum pressure of the drag plate, paste on the slider an edge of the polyester film is used to limit the thread race. The use of the rotation of the felt and the linear movement the carriage, screw out the uniform width of the thread on the aluminum surface.