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Aluminum Art Fence Features and Surface Treatment

Aluminum guardrail is one of the popular fencing and guardrail in the building materials. As leading aluminium fencing supplies which aluminum fence and the guardrail is made by our aluminum profile. Today, we would like to tell you some knowledge about auminum art fence features and surface treatment.

一. Aluminum alloy fence features

This is a new fence, which itself is made of all aluminum alloy, removable, no welding, no screws on the surface, compact connection, no loose off phenomenon. It is easy to pack up, transport and install, easy to process and economical. The aluminum alloy materials with better flexibility can resist large tensile and impact forces. The surface is covered with the hard aluminum oxide film, and the surface is treated with anodization, in particular, to make the fence highly resistant to corrosion.

aluminum fence


二. Aluminum alloy fence application

The natural surface oxidation resistance of aluminum alloys brings more selectivity to the surface treatment process. Commonly used aluminum guardrail surface treatment processes include: electrostatic powder coating, anodizing, electrophoresis, painting, and power supply. Because of its high artistic and visual nature, aluminum art fence products need to meet the requirements of different consumer groups, so the requirements for surface treatment process are relatively high. At present, the aluminum art fence on the market are divided into outdoor use and indoor use, the outdoor use needs to have a certain ability to resist wind and sun exposure and ensure the durability of products. The indoor use requires bright color, light and touching.
In the selection of aluminum art fence should be based on the use of the environment and use if features to select the appropriate surface treatment process.