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Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Guardrail / Fence is one of the popular fencing and guardrail in the building materials. Yong Lian as leading aluminium fencing supplies and aluminium railing suppliers, which aluminum fence and the guardrail is made by our aluminum profile which it has the quality guarantee. Our aluminum fence/ guardrail no need to welding with the special accessories to connect with each other. We have the CE certification in our products, now we supply it to the France building. The aluminum guardrail is not only installed for the sake of beauty, but the guardrail can also effectively protect the isolation and protect our safety. The guardrails installed in the community generally have the function of defense and anti-climbing.

So what are the advantages of using aluminum fences? 1. easy to install adopts plug-in installation, which is simple, quick and secure, and greatly improves the installation efficiency; 2. beautiful appearance A variety of colors, strong decorative, good finish, excellent color and texture, can be combined with other material guardrails, the top railings bend to prevent climbing, anti-theft effect is obvious; 3. guardrail quality Good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and moist heat resistance, suitable for outdoor use.