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Aluminum surface damage cause and solutions

The main reason of aluminum surface damage
1) Aluminum ingot surface with debris or aluminum ingot composition segregation. When a large amount of segregated precipitates are present on the surface of the ingot and the ingot is not homogenized or homogenized, the ingot has a certain amount of hard metal particles, and the metal flows through the working belt during the extrusion process. These segregated precipitates or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the work belt or cause damage to the work belt, and eventually cause scratches on the surface of the profile.
2) There are debris on the mold cavity or working belt, the hardness of the mold working belt is low, so that the work belt surface is injured when the extrusion and scratches the profile;
3) The exposed track or oscillating bed has bare metal or graphite bars with hard inclusions, which cause scratches on the surface of the profile when it comes into contact with the profile.
4) When the fork rod is sending the profile from the discharge rail to the swing bed, the profile is damaged due to the excessive speed;
5) Artificially dragging the profile on the swing bed causes bruising;
6) In the course of transportation, the friction or extrusion between the profiles causes damage.

1) aluminium extrusion company tell you, you must to strengthen the control of ingot quality;
2) Improve the quality of mold repair, mold nitridation and strictly enforce the nitriding process;
3) Separating the profile from the auxiliary tool with soft felt to minimize the contact damage between the profile and the auxiliary tool;
4) Take care in production, try to avoid dragging or turning profiles;
5) Properly arrange profiles in the material box to avoid friction.