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Aluminum Veneer

Yonglian aluminum veneer is a special product in our factory. Here are some of the benefits of it: The main material of the aluminum veneer is aluminum alloy product, which is made by some technical setting and surface coating with decorative coating.

Aluminum veneers have 6 advantages: 1. Non-combustible and fireproof; 2. Lightweight, rigidity and high strength; 3. Not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain; 4. The color is wide, the decorative effect is excellent; 5. Easy to recycle, no pollution, conducive to environmental protection; 6. Excellent surface weathering and UV resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance.

Moreover, the aluminium veneer suppliers Yong Lian, which has the pother benefits like that: The aluminum veneer curtain wall is installed quickly. Since the curtain wall is mainly composed of profiles and various plates, the specification of the material can be industrialized, the construction is simple and the operation is not wet, and the operation process is small, so the construction speed is fast.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall is easy to update and repair. It is adaptable and easy to replace. Because of its single material, lightweight and simple installation, it is very convenient and quick to change the new façade after the curtain wall is used for years. The maintenance is also simple.The effect of aluminum veneer curtain wall is good. The artistic effect produced by aluminum veneers is unmatched by other materials. It breaks the boundaries between traditional windows and walls and subtly blends them. It gives the building a different shade from different angles, giving a dynamic beauty with changes in the sun, moonlight, lights and surrounding scenery.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall is light in weight. Aluminum veneer curtain walls are lightweight compared to other walls. In the case of the same area, the quality of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is about 1/10 to 1/12 of the brick wall painting, which is 1/15 of the quality of the dry hanging marble and granite curtain wall, and 1/5 of the concrete hanging board. 1/7. Since the quality of the interior and exterior walls of buildings is 1/4 to 1/5 of the total number of buildings, the use of aluminum veneer curtain walls can greatly reduce the quality of buildings and significantly reduce the impact of earthquakes on buildings.