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Analysis and Solution of Powder Coating Common Problems

Yonglian is an experienced aluminium extrusion manufacturer supplying various industrial aluminum profile. Today, we want to tell people some knowledge that analysis and solution of powder coating aluminum common problems.

The reason why powder spraying is not smooth during spraying

1. The compressed air pressure is not enough. Check the compressed air supply, clean the air filter equipment, and increase the pressure.
2. The microplate is blocked and check whether the microplate is blocked by ultrafine powder or oil and impurities in the compressed air.
3. The powder is stored in the powder bucket for a long time to absorb moisture. Try to increase the pressure and vulcanize the powder for a long time. Take away the moisture. If necessary, use a clean appliance to help stir.
4. Powder agglomeration, loose powder manually.
5. The amount of powder in the fluidized bed can be reduced, and the amount of powder is generally added to two-thirds of the volume of the fluidized bed.
The reason why the surface hardness of powder coating is not good
1. When insufficient curing can increase the baking temperature, make it reach the technological requirement or prolong the baking time of the workpiece,
2. Excessive curing, embrittlement of the coating will also reduce the hardness, can be appropriately reduced baking temperature, shorten the baking time.
3. Bake heating rate is too slow, in the slow melt flow process, some leveling additives migrate to float, can increase the heating rate to the coating surface.
4. The quality of the powder itself can notify the powder supplier to improve the formula.

powder coating


Reasons and Solutions of Discoloration of Coating Film after Curing

1. The baking time too long can shorten the baking time.
2. Too high baking temperature can reduce the baking temperature.
3. Uneven coating thickness.
a) The position or direction of the spray gun is incorrect. Due to the Faraday effect, etc., the spray gun should be checked and reset.
b) Automatic spray gun vibrator does not match the production line speed, should adjust the production line speed or adjust the sprayer vibrator travel.
c) The airflow in the spray booth affects the spray range of the powder and should be contacted by the equipment supplier.
d) The gun powder is not uniform, check the power supply and spray gun system to ensure that the powder is vulcanized and atomized uniformly.
e) High voltage instability should check the output voltage.
4) The air in the oven is not clean, check the air heating system and exhaust air.
5) Problem with powder formulation, contact powder supplier.