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Analysis of the trend of aluminum on behalf of copper

Aluminium extrusion manufacturers all know that it is difficult to promote the aluminum on behalf of the copper in China, because of the public has the doubts and prejudices on the aluminum conductor. On the one hand, the aluminum has not been recognized by the market, and even suspected of its security, few consumers are willing to take the initiative to choose the aluminum take the place of the copper use in the electrical or communications equipment. On the other hand, due to the technical problems, the market generally believe that the aluminum can’t instead of the copper.
Actually, with the structural improvements, technological progress, industrial aluminum profile and aluminum wire have developed matured. So far, the aluminum alloy cable with superior safety performance, electrical performance, mechanical properties and longer service life, which fully meet the distribution of transformers and other related areas of the reliability requirements.

In addition, the aluminum wire relative to the copper wire also has its unique advantages, one is the lower cost. The density of copper is 8.9g/cm3, aluminum is 2.7g/cm3, in the same conductor specifications, the weight of copper conductor is 3.3 times of the aluminum conductor. However, the electrical conductivity of aluminum is only about 60% of copper, in the same transmission, the cross-sectional area of aluminum conductor is relatively large. In combination with the above factors, if the two wires have the same cutoff, the quality of the copper wire is about twice that of the aluminum wire, and the difference between the copper and aluminum prices, the equivalent of copper wire cost is about 7 times the aluminum wire. It is noteworthy that, due to the same conditions, the cross-sectional area of aluminum wire is relatively large, so the aluminum core cable insulation, protection and other materials increased demand, the corresponding reduction in the price advantage of aluminum wire. Industrial aluminum profiles are currently widely used on the market price of aluminum alloy cable only about 75% of copper cable. In addition, from the view of the installation cost, because the aluminum wire is relatively light, it does not need the bridge and the pipe during the installation, can save a lot of installation material, compared to copper wire to save 20% -50% installation cost.

Our country relatively lack of copper resources and other factors influence of the industry enterprises have also increased the relevant technology research and development efforts. In recent years, China has made great achievements in the aluminum alloy cable industry of the low-voltage technology, with the technology continues to mature and increasing market recognition, China’s “aluminum generation” is coming soon.