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  • Aluminum Building Materials, Building Decoration Aluminum Profile
  • aluminium building materials display
  • golden aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • white aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • aluminum building materials show
  • building decoration aluminum profile
Aluminum Building Materials, Building Decoration Aluminum Profile
aluminium building materials display
golden aluminum and aluminum alloys
white aluminum and aluminum alloys
aluminum building materials show
building decoration aluminum profile

Building Decoration Aluminum Profile

Alloy Ingredient: AL-6063
Temper: T5,T6
Surface treatment: Mill finish, Anodized, Electrophoresis, Powder coating, Sandblasting, wood grain
Color: Customized color is available
Pay terms: Pay by T/T; 30% DEPOSITE upon confirming the order, BALANCE should be paid before the shipping
Sample cost: Samples can be free while the weight under 2KG, or in the special condition, samples cost can be free
Apply to: Aluminum window or aluminum doors structure, aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, shutter window, windows & doors frame, building decoration
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS
Transport package: as customer’s chosen. General package: shrink film.
Delivery time: Normally 15-30 days, depending on the quantity of the formal order

Characteristics of aluminum profiles for decoration

The biggest characteristic of aluminum and aluminum alloy is that its bulk density is about 1/3 of steel, and the specific strength (ratio of strength limit to specific gravity) can reach or exceed structural steel. Secondly, aluminum and aluminum alloys are easy to process into various shapes and can be adapted to various joining processes, thereby providing favorable conditions for the most economical and reasonable section form of the building structure.



Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy can not only greatly reduce the weight of the building, save materials, but also reduce the transportation and installation work of the components and speed up the construction progress. This is more economical for earthquake zones and mountainous areas and remote areas with inconvenient traffic. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have beautiful color, good corrosion resistance, high reflectivity to light and heat, good sound absorption performance, and various colors can be obtained by chemical and electrochemical methods. Therefore, aluminum is widely used in roofs, walls, doors and windows, skeletons, interior and exterior decorative panels, ceilings, ceilings, railings, interior furniture, shop containers, and construction templates for industrial and civil buildings.



What is a broken bridge: the broken bridge in the door and window is only available in aluminum alloy doors and windows. The aluminum door and window of the broken bridge is also called the heat-insulating aluminum alloy door and window, and the doors and windows made of broken aluminum and insulating glass. There are two kinds of production methods: one uses heat insulation strip material and aluminum profile, and forms a heat insulation bridge through mechanical toothing, rolling, wearing strips, etc., and another heat insulation material is poured into the aluminum alloy profile. In the body, after cooling and solidification, removing the bridge and other processes to form a heat insulation bridge, it is called a cast type heat insulation profile.

The two sides of the heat-insulating profile can be different profile or different colors on different surfaces. However, due to the influence of geography and climate, in order to avoid the excessive gap between the coefficient of linear expansion of the heat insulating material and the aluminum profile, the heat expansion and contraction is a large stress and gap between the two, and the heat insulating material and aluminum are required. The profiles are integrated into one, and in the structure of doors, windows and curtain walls, they are also subjected to the same force as aluminum. Therefore, the insulation material must also have tensile strength and bending strength similar to those of the aluminum alloy profile, otherwise the insulation bridge will be damaged. Therefore, the choice of insulation is very important.

The importance of broken bridge doors and windows for environmental protection: energy conservation, recycling, no harmful substances in the production process, in line with the concept of sustainable development, rich colors and exquisite style, can meet the needs of people in many aspects, create a pleasant space.


The main features of broken bridge doors and windows: (1) good sealing, anti-wind, wind pressure, waterproof, sound insulation, superior thermal insulation performance. (2) Fireproof and anti-theft, using metal material, non-combustible, with hardware locks to ensure stability and safety. (3) There are many types of opening, such as flat type, inward tilt type, upper hanging type, push-pull type and the like.

Doors and windows are the peripheral structure of the building, which has the functions of sheltering from wind, rain, sound insulation, heat insulation, lighting and ventilation. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for decoration of doors and windows have gradually increased. The use of a wide range of doors and windows, a wide range of products, its unique advantages determine a wide range of market prospects. New doors and windows began to enter the consumer's field of vision.

The quality of the profile and the reasonable structural design are the prerequisites for the production of high-performance doors and windows. First, there must be regular manufacturers to provide qualified profiles and advanced production processes to ensure the quality of high-performance doors and windows. In addition, the wall thickness and structure of the profile are also very important. The wall thickness directly affects its strength, and the reasonable structure can better maintain the heat preservation effect on the one hand, and can make different use of each cavity on the other hand. .

Among the doors and windows, glass is one of the main materials. Insulating glass is one of the main glass of the new high-performance doors and windows. The advantages are very remarkable. Its good thermal insulation performance can reduce the consumption of buildings and has good sound insulation.



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