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Communication of aluminum profile drawing

1) The business department must fill in the details of the assessment form (including the final surface treatment of the profile, the state of the alloy, tolerance standards, assembly requirements, or other special requirements) when they receive the orders.
2) In principle, when the technical department assess the drawings, they need to fully understand the use of the industrial aluminum profile. Without affecting its assembly and use, the difficulty of molds and extrusions should be decrease to the minimize, which improve the efficiency of both parties.
二. The factors of the delivery time of the mold
1. Under normal processing conditions, the factors that affect the delivery time of the mold are:
A) The difficulty of aluminum mold processing, such as the complex shape of the profile, the structure is complex, the perimeter is too long (such as toothed radiators), wire cutting, and EDM takes too long. The processing of the core head is complicated to extend the delivery time.
B) Heat treatment (The larger the mold size, the longer time required for heat treatment, In general, small molds and medium molds require 24 hours for heat treatment, and large molds require 48 to 72 hours or more for the heat treatment. If the hardness does not meet the requirements after the heat treatment, it must be returned to the furnace or be returned many times, that the delivery time need to be long.
C) Aluminum profile processing error (the local overshoot is found during the subsequent process of mold matching, but must be welded or other remedial treatment) to extend the delivery time.
D) The errors in the processing of industrial aluminum profile or the shape cause the mold scraped easily, then need to reopened the mold again, the delivery time must be late.
2. Extra urgent orders for all departments need to pay attention to (how to help each department to save time)
A) Before opening the molds, the business department need to confirm the mold fee had paid or not by customers, when submitting the mold application form, the drawings with customers signature need to give to technical department too.
B) For the extra urgent orders, when the technical department send the opening mold notice to business department, each of documentary staff or business personal must follow up in time and handle it priority. If the urgent order can be signed on the same day, the order will be sent to the mold factory, at least 24 hours can be saved, the mold factory will give priority to the priority orders, the day will be heat treatment, otherwise it will take the next night or more.
B) In addition, when negotiating business, drawings or other items should be confirmed as soon as possible so as to avoid the order become the urgent order finally.