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Comparison of aluminum alloy window and plastic window

Grade differences: the domestic aluminum alloy windows and plastic windows are suitable for different buildings in different consumer groups, Statistics show that plastic windows for general low-rise residential, often this grade of products consumers of the product quality requirements are not very high, and high-performance heat-resistant aluminum alloy window is applicable to all kinds of high, all kinds of grade building , And quality, life performance are subject to high standards of testing.

Performance differences: the two energy-saving effect is similar; but because of the difference between the material, plastic windows used after a period of time prone to deformation, sealing performance as high-performance aluminum window.

Life difference: due to the strength of the material and modulus of elasticity and wear resistance of the larger difference, so that high-performance aluminum window life is often greater than the life of plastic windows.

Price differences: Generally speaking, high-performance aluminum alloy window prices are usually higher than the price of plastic windows. However, in the long term, high-performance aluminum alloy window prices are high, but the use of long life; and plastic windows, although the price is cheaper, but the use of short life. Therefore, the overall price ratio is quite

In summary, high-performance aluminum alloy window is more competitive advantage.