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  • Construction Material Suppliers, Decorative Aluminum Extrusion Profile
  • decorative aluminum extrusion profile
  • decorative aluminum extrusion profile display
  • powder coating aluminum extrusion profile
  • construction material
  • construction material display
Construction Material Suppliers, Decorative Aluminum Extrusion Profile
decorative aluminum extrusion profile
decorative aluminum extrusion profile display
powder coating aluminum extrusion profile
construction material
construction material display

Construction & Decoration Aluminum Profile

Alloy Ingredient: AL-6063
Temper: T5,T6
Surface treatment: Mill finish, Anodized, Electrophoresis, Powder coating, Sandblasting, wood grain
Color: Customized color is available
Pay terms: Pay by T/T; 30% DEPOSITE upon confirming the order, BALANCE should be paid before the shipping
Sample cost: Samples can be free while the weight under 2KG, or in the special condition, samples cost can be free
Apply to: Aluminum window or aluminum doors structure, aluminum alloy glass curtain wall, shutter window, windows & doors frame, building decoration
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS
Transport package: as customer’s chosen. General package: shrink film.
Delivery time: Normally 15-30 days, depending on the quantity of the formal order

Construction & Decorative Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Construction & Decoration Aluminum Extrusion Profile is one of the widely construction material using in building and decorative in the world. Construction & Decorative aluminum profile is made by aluminum alloy and can be easily apply to the building. You can use these types of aluminum extrusion profile into windows, doors and decoration in the building. With the powder coating, oxidation and electrophoresis, these aluminum extrusion profile can have large range of color and surface treatment. And the hardness and thickness are better than the steel. The standard Aluminum Extrusion Profile has a lot of advantages, such as corrosion resistance, maintenance cost is low, use life can last for more than 60 years.


Advantages of construction &decoration aluminum profile:

1. The biggest characteristic of aluminum alloy is that its bulk density is about 1/3 of steel, and the specific strength (ratio of strength limit to specific gravity) can reach or exceed structural steel.

2. The aluminum alloy profile is easy to process into various shapes and can adapt to various joining processes, thereby providing favorable conditions for the most economical and reasonable section way to the building structure.
3. Aluminum alloy profile can not only greatly reduce the weight of the building, save materials, but also reduce the transportation and installation workload of the components and speed up the construction progress.
4. The aluminum alloy has beautiful color, good corrosion resistance, high reflectivity to light and heat, good sound absorption performance, and various colors can be obtained by chemical and electrochemical methods.
5. Aluminum alloys are used in roofing, wall coverings, doors and windows, skeletons, interior and exterior decorative panels, ceilings, ceilings, railings, interior furniture, shop containers, and construction templates for industrial and civil buildings.



With the increasing application of aluminum alloy profiles, many home appliance industries have replaced the original plastic parts with aluminum alloy parts to meet modern consumer concepts and aesthetic standards. Take the TV set, since LG Korea exhibited the world's first borderless TV in 2012, it has been well received by users. In fact, the borderless TV is not without a border, but the frame is hidden. It uses the middle frame of the aluminum alloy, and the aluminum profile is extruded and then bent to form a middle frame of the television. The aluminum alloy has good frame strength and high precision, which can ensure the perfect fit of the frame and the screen. The four-sided bending process of the aluminum profile used in the middle frame, combined with the light-colored oxidized wire drawing process, has a low-key luxury that meets the public's aesthetic.

Since the listing of borderless TVs, major brands have followed suit. Currently, TV sets on the market are basically assembled with aluminum alloy frames. Of course, it is not just the TV frame. The decorative parts, the front case and the base are all changing to the aluminum alloy. Since the middle frame of the borderless TV is bent by the aluminum profile, if other decorative parts use the same metal material, the injection molding decorative parts can be avoided. The assembly gap is so large that the material of the TV's lower frame also creates a transition from plastic to aluminum profiles.



Due to the birth of the module integrated machine, the front shell of the modular integrated machine adopts structural parts which are both appearance parts and fixed screen glass, which are commonly made of metal stamping parts, and have problems such as less details change, high mold cost and structural design limitation. These problems can be solved well by splicing the front shell with four-sided aluminum profiles.


The aluminum profile TV base can be divided into a small section base and a large section base. The small-section base is designed by bending a small-section aluminum profile through the manufacturing process, and the surface is simply sandblasted and oxidized, and then connected to the TV through the adapter bracket. Lightness and support strength meet the requirements. The large-section base is stretched from a large-section aluminum profile, then cut, sanded, partially CNC, and subsequently oxidized. The adapter bracket and the base are integrally formed, which saves the assembly process and increases the production capacity; the volume is small, the cost is advantageous; and the stability of the large-sized model is better.


Why aluminum profiles are suitable for advertising equipment


Low density: The density of aluminum alloy is close to that of iron or copper. This ensures the hardness and material specifications of the aluminum alloy frame material.


High strength: The strength of the aluminum alloy is much higher than that of the others. The aluminum alloy which can strengthen the strength of the matrix after a certain degree of cold working can also be strengthened by heat treatment.


Corrosion resistance: The aluminum alloy surface naturally produces a dense and strong aluminum oxide protective film, which protects the substrate from corrosion. After artificial anodizing and coloring, a cast aluminum alloy having good casting properties can be obtained, or an aluminum alloy having good casting properties or a deformed aluminum alloy processed into plasticity can be processed.



Easy to process: good casting properties can be obtained after adding a certain amount of alloying elements.



Advertising aluminum profile type


      The aluminum profiles for advertising display are divided into light box profiles, various bulletin board profiles, aluminum frame photo profiles, poster clip profiles, newspaper profiles, exhibition hall profiles, dining light boxes profiles, etc. according to their use.


      The photo frame profiles are mainly used to make non-open advertising frames; the poster clip profiles are mainly used to make open advertising frames; the light box profiles are mainly used to make ultra-thin advertising light boxes, pull cloth light boxes, etc., and the newspaper profiles are mainly used for Produce indoor bulletin boards, mobile newspapers, outdoor bulletin boards, etc.

Advantages of aluminum profiles for advertising equipment


The aluminum alloy advertising frame has high-efficiency and unique three-dimensional display effect. It can produce aluminum frames of different specifications according to the actual needs of customers. There are many types of profile specifications, and it is more convenient to change the screen. It can high-frequency and target the audience to visually impact the audience around the clock. Maximize the all-round communication effect of advertising information, provide a very good display platform for corporate culture and product display, achieve the best publicity effect, enhance the added value of customer promotion products, and increase the brand awareness of the company.



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