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Decorative surface for a round and main decorative surface

1. Decorative surface for a round
The industrial aluminum profile which around with the decorative surface, such as doors and windows mullion, louvers and square tube, These products require all surfaces to be painted, using vertical lines to produce better and using horizontal lines is difficult.
Vertical line spray coating is hanging at the end of the profile, but the back of the spray gun coating will be slightly thinner, there will be not effect. But for the horizontal lines, there is a problem with hanging marks. Products need to hang on the spray line of the spray coating processing, linked with the surface of the profile certainly contact, the contact surface is less than the spray, will leak at the end.

Aluminium window extrusions suppliers said that teh torizontal spray lines, including electrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon paint spraying, the production process to limit the profile of decorative products on the existence of hang marks. This requires the manufacturer and the customer to reach a unified opinion, the existence of hanger marks is allowed.

2. Main and minor decorative surface
On this major and minor issues, there is no national standard. Just exist in practice. With reference to the "viewable surface", the definition of "visible surface" in the standard GB / T8814 for PVC-U profiles is "the surface of the profile that can be seen when doors and windows are closed". The main decorative surface of an aluminum product is "the surface of the profile that is seen frontally when closed" and the secondary decorative surface is "the surface of the profile that is visible only when it is open after installation". The implied meaning is when people do not pay attention, or not to look at the surface, is the secondary decorative surface. The main decorative surface is two large, while the secondary decorative surface is to open the window to see the inner surface.
In the same case, the main decorative surface is more important than the minor decorative surface. Here need to explain, whether it is primary or secondary, the quality standards of the decorative surface if not up to requirements are unqualified.
In conclusion, the decorative surface of the profiled products is the key indicator that needs to be controlled. Due to the complex shapes of the products and the restrictions on the production process, the decorative quality will be affected. The mutual recognition of the importance of the decorative surfaces between the supply and the demand sides will bring about a win-win situation for both parties.