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Discuss on quality problems of aluminum profile thermal bar

As a key component of thermal break modern aluminum windows and doors and curtain wall-thermal bar, also with the application of thermal insulation of aluminum profile, aluminum doors and windows and aluminum curtain wall create a new product. In short, the aluminum alloy insulation is based on the tradition aluminum alloy, separate the industrial aluminum profile in two, and then use two thermal bars connect the profile together again by mechanical.
This thermal bar must have both high strength and low conductivity, otherwise it will cause thermal break aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall take the quality risk (Insufficient strength can cause insulation aluminum profile to break from the joints of the insulation) either lose the meaning of thermal break (high thermal conductivity can’t be guaranteed) so the choice of insulation material and manufacturing process is very crucial.
一, How to distinguish
1, Appearance
In the natural scattered light, with normal vision (do not use a magnifying glass), visual inspection at a distance of 0.5m. Insulation appearance should be smooth, smooth, uniform color, the surface should not affect the use of the appearance of defects exist. Straight bar is not allowed to break, the number of broken ends of the coil is not more than two.
2, Break the experiment
Arbitrary sampling for human breaking test, nylon insulation strip can feel good ductility and bending strength, folded to both ends will not break together, even if the fracture was slowly broken phenomenon. Some nylon thermal bar or brittle obvious, bending to both ends still have a certain distance when there is a number of bursting phenomenon, either toughness obvious repeated bending many times; PVC thermal bar is very soft, the basic non-strength, repeated bending Folding will not break.
3, Overall dimension accuracy
Vernier caliper (micrometer more accurate) dimensional accuracy of thermal insulation strip shape detection can be found: Nylon thermal bar regardless of different batches or the same piece of bar at different parts of the size deviation are less than 0.1mm, and parallelism; some nylon thermal bar or PVC thermal bar batches of different batches or the same insulation The size of the different parts of the deviation is at least 0.1mm above.