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Doors and Windows want to avoid water penetration(2)?

4. Building operations

①When install the aluminum frame, has not according to the standard operation, pays special attention to the quality, no poor levelness, vertical and diagonal and straightness, directly affect the physical properties of curtain wall.

②Construction not dense, weather resistance silicone sealant plugging length or width or lax than do not conform to the specifications.

③Do not take the attention of sealant construction. Such as forced outside construction weathering sealant in the rainy season, can't ensure the sealing quality. Structural adhesive construction also has a certain temperature and humidity conditions, must pay attention to.

④Sealing strip size does not conform to or use of inferior materials, loose or aging, soon lost seal waterproof function.

⑤No use elastic locating block, glass direct contact with components.When building deformation or temperature changes, component produces large stress to glass, usually starting at the bottom of the doors and Windows cracked the glass.

5. Preventive measures

In Windows and doors of water seepage and leakage has three basic conditions: presence of pore; The presence of water; There is the pressure difference between the water penetration cracks. Eliminate one or more of these basic conditions is the way of preventing water leakage: one is to minimize the pores; two it is to keep out the rain, so not wetted gap as far as possible; three is to reduce were soaked gaps of leeway.

①A small hole to the outside of the door and window aluminum is opened to collect and discharge the water passing through the small gap into the interior of the door and window. At the same time, a small amount of water in the isopipe between the glass, the aluminum profile and the aluminum buckle bar are drained.

②Choose high-quality structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant silicone sealant, wall-edge adhesive, and strengthen inspection to prevent overdue use. Select high-quality float glass, the glass must be edge-treated, and the glass size error meets the standard requirements.

③Pay attention to the environment in which the sealant is used. It is strictly forbidden to open the weatherproof silicone sealant in open weather on a rainy day. Indoor temperature should not be higher than 27 °C, relative humidity should not be less than 50%. Clean dust, grease, loose material, and other dirt on the aluminum frame, glass, or crevice before filling. After glue injection, it should be filled and compacted, with a smooth surface to enhance conservation.

④According to the specification, during the installation process, the rainwater leakage performance should be checked in layers to repair and control the quality of doors and windows.

Aluminium manufacturing companies's quality inspection is divided into hidden acceptance and engineering acceptance. The concealed acceptance is performed after the aluminum frame is installed. The acceptance of the project is performed after the completion of the doors and windows.