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Doors and Windows want to avoid water penetration?

Doors and Windows want to avoid water penetration? profiles, glass and sealant material are the key

Doors and Windows water seepage will seriously affect the service life of the building. There have many reasons for doors and Windows water seepage, also involves the design, materials use, installation and management.
1. Aluminum profile
Industrial aluminum profile surface treatment is not in conformity with the national standard, the surface coating adhesion is not strong, the oxide film is too thin or too thick, lead to seal adhesive failure.
②Aluminum main stress components of the column and beam intensity and rigidity is not enough, the cross section of mechanical parts of the wall thickness is less than 3 mm, under the effect of load standard values, the relative deflection is more than L / 180 or absolute deflection is more than 20 mm, curtain wall serious deformation, displacement and water leakage.
③Don’t adopt high quality high grade aluminum material, especially curtain wall column should be using high precision grade.Aluminum is unqualified, the bending and twisting, wave degrees exceeds bid badly, overall the flatness of door window, vertical degree can't meet the requirements.
2. Sealant
①To save costs, using common sealant without using corrosion resistance silicone sealant to outdoor sealing, the sunlight ultraviolet irradiation, glue line premature aging, cause craze.
②Use outdated structure silicone sealant, silicone sealant and resistance wall glue, glue line blistering, cracking, or solidify, led to the doors and Windows ooze water.
③Not according to the specification for structural silicone sealant contact materials compatibility experiments, the results of structural silicone sealant and aluminium profile, glass, rubber strip materials such as incompatibility, affect the adhesion of chemical changes, and affect the sealing effect.

3. Glass
①Glass strength without calculation, glass does not have enough bearing capacity, crack under the typhoon heavy rain broken, leading to water.
②Glass made no thermal stress calculation, the glass of large area to absorb sunlight, heat stress than the allowable stress, cause thermal fracture, doors and Windows is leaking.
③Glass size tolerance levels, on both sides of glass embedded quantity does not conform to the requirements, and the gap to install onto the frame glass curtain wall, glass is small, the rabbet embedded depth, glue line width can’t meet the requirements, easy to burst from the edges of the glass. Glass is larger, the notch is too deep embedding position, glass heat expansion are easy to be aluminum bursting cause water seepage.
④Glass without edge chamfer chamfering processing, the glass is easy to produce stress concentration, lead to crack or explosive, exist dangers.