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Electrophoresis coating process of aluminum alloy

Electro-coating a coating method that utilizes the application of an electric field to migrate and deposit particles such as pigments and resins suspended in an electrophoretic solution on the surface of a substrate of one of the electrodes. The principle of electrophoretic coating was invented in the late 1930s, but the development of this technology and access to industrial applications after 1963, electrophoretic coating is the development of the past 30 years, a special coating film formation method is the water-based paint The most practical construction techniques. Which has the characteristics of water-soluble, non-toxic, easy to automate control, quickly in the automotive, building materials, hardware, home appliances and other industries, aluminium fence supply have been widely used.


一Electrophoretic coating compared with other coating methods, has the following characteristics:
(1) The use of water-soluble paint, water as the dissolution medium, saving a lot of organic solvents, greatly reducing the air pollution and environmental hazards, safety and health, while avoiding the hidden dangers of fire.
(2) High painting efficiency, little of paint loss, coating utilization up to  90% to 95%.
(3) The film thickness uniformity, strong adhesion, good coating quality, all parts of the workpiece such as the inner layer, depression, weld and so on can be uniform, smooth paint film, to solve the other coating methods for the coating of complex shapes of the workpiece problem.
(4) High efficiency, construction can be automated continuous production, greatly improving labor efficiency.
(5) Complex equipment, high investment cost, high power consumption, high temperature required for drying and curing, complicated coating and coating management, strict construction conditions, and waste water treatment.
(6) Only can use water-soluble paint, coating process can’t change the color, it is not easy to control the paint stable.