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Electrostatic spraying processing of curtain wall veneer

One of the surface treatment of the aluminum curtain wall veneer is electrostatic spraying. Spray is divided into powder spray and liquid spray. Spraying materials are mainly: fluorocarbon spray coating, powder coating, polyester spray coating and other materials with high color retention pigments. Fluorocarbon spray, impact collision rubbing, under 50KG impact, no deformation of the aluminum veneer, no cracks in the spray coating, no less of intact layer, anti-dilute acid and mortar. Many domestic manufacturers of spray powder, the weight difference is very large, some powder with gold dust in the wall, with the sun’s point of view change, there are difference between the color depth of the wall, selection of the powder spray material need to attention. Liquid spray paint that fluorocarbon polymer spray.
Because aluminum veneer can be more easily bent and shaped into messy shapes, it is a good idea to change the endless need for exterior wall remodeling, often with single-ply aluminum veneer as the aluminum veneer curtain wall material. Available in a variety of colors of the spray appearance, good strength, low cost, long life, aluminum veneer hanging on the wall, 50 years will not fall and corrosion.
After the electrostatic spraying curtain wall aluminum veneer, the surface will form a coating, the coating can not only add color to the surface of the aluminum curtain wall, more effectively isolated from the outside world on the curtain wall aluminum veneer pollution.