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What is the fluorocarbon coating process for aluminum profiles?

The fluorocarbon spraying equipment of industrial aluminum extrusion profile has excellent atomization effect and ensures the uniformity of the sprayed layer, the existing fluorocarbon spray coloring type is abundant.

The fluorocarbon spraying process uses multi-layer spraying. The types of fluorocarbon spray coating include two coats (primer and surface coating), three coats (primer, surface coating and varnish), four coats (primer, barrier paint, surface coating and lacquer), strictly control the process from the pre-treatment process, spray process and curing process to ensure the quality of aluminum surface coating.

Pre-treatment processing:

Degreasing of alu profiles materials → Washing → Alkali washing (degreasing) → Washing → Pickling → Washing → Chromizing → Washing → Pure washing

Coating processing:

Primer → Finish → Lacquer → Baking (180-250°C) → Quality Check

Fluorocarbon coating production line of aluminum profiles

Fluorocarbon coating type of aluminium section:

Two coating and one baking: pretreatment → chromate treatment → drying → primer coating → surface coating → baking → packaging

Three coating and one baking: pretreatment → chromate treatment → drying → primer coating → metal finish coating → varnish coating → baking → packaging

Four coating and two baking: pretreatment → chromizing → drying → primer coating→ isolation paint → baking →surface coating (metal finish) →clear coating → baking → packing

Chromizing Purpose:

A fine and stable chromium film is formed on the surface of extruded aluminum components. This film has a certain degree of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good adsorption capacity, so that the coating material in the coating process can improve its adhesion.

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