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Four channels for the future doors and windows

The first-line market is approaching saturation, in the oversupply situation, the distribution channel for the doors and windows industry from being eliminated. So the managers need to considerate how to choose the distribution channel.

Single-channel and multi-channel
When the products sale by the company directly or all to the dealer, call it single channel. Multi-channel may use direct channels in this region, indirect channels in other regions, exclusive distribution in some regions, multiple distribution in other regions, long channels in the consumer goods market and short channels in the means of production market. For the door and window business, multichannel marketing is the most effective means of expanding the market

Direct distribution channels
Direct distribution channel refers to the products to the users by one step, no intermediaries involved. The form of direct distribution is doors and windows business to consumers, which is the main type for the doors and windows producers. Setting up the stores is the most common marketing, form the present market, the store doesn’t have the competitive advantages any more.

Wide channel and narrow channel
The number of the intermediates in every link effect the number of the market channels. The same kind of middlemen used by enterprises, products in the market take a wide range of distribution, known as the wide channel. Like the door and window business, they get the number of distributors and resell to more retailers, then the producers can reach a large number of the users. A little of intermediates used by the company, that known as the narrow channel. It is generally applicable to highly professional, expensive and durable products. One exclusive agency, several distribution, The manufacturers are easily control distributions, but the market is limited.

Indirect distribution channels
Indirect distribution channels means that producers use intermediaries to supply goods to consumers or users and the intermediaries play the exchange role. The forms of indirect distribution are: aluminium profile manufacturers—Dealers—Retails—Consumers (a few for group users). At this stage, there still have space and potential for the doors and windows market, the market is trending to the buyer’s market. At the same time, the market regulation has increased significantly for the sale of door and window products. Therefore, how to make the indirect channels to let their own products widely sell become one of the important topics.