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Harmful of fake nylon thermal bar

If the thermal bar of the mechanical strength is not enough, you can’t guarantee good wind pressure performance, a direct impact on the safety of the building. If the heat resistance is not good, it will directly affect some surface treatment processes in the insulation aluminum profile production process. Chemical resistance will not only affect the chemical treatment process in the process but also hinder the cleaning work in the future. If the linear expansion coefficient of a large difference, poor creep resistance or dimensional stability is not high will lead to deformation between the insulation strip and aluminum alloy profiles loose, reducing energy-saving doors and windows of the air tightness, sound insulation and insulation and so on.

High-quality thermal bar
1. High-quality thermal insulation surface is black matte color, and the overall smooth, non-shrinkage, no loose, no scratches and mold extrusion traces visible on the light mineral unique luster, thermal bar head face no split line marks;
2. Longitudinal tensile strength reflects the mechanical properties of the insulation in the longitudinal direction, while the elastic modulus is the most representative of the material properties of one of the indicators, in engineering, the elastic modulus is called the stiffness of the material, which characterizes the material pairs the resistance of elastic deformation, the greater the value, the smaller the elastic deformation generated under the same stress, the material more rigid.
3. When the product is subjected to dynamic load, the impact strength of the material (toughness) performance index, the impact strength level also shows the toughness of the material performance is one of the material selection, good toughness can ensure that the insulation in the assembly have a comparison high yield.
In view of the current domestic market has good thermal bar and bad thermal bar, as the aluminium door manufacturers, the quality of raw materials must be strictly checked, the above outlined from the surface to the internal (appearance, dimensional accuracy, performance, etc.) identification method to ensure that aluminium window extrusions suppliers Production quality and stability, to ensure the interests of its clients.