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How To Buy A Good Quality Aluminum Fence

When purchasing balcony railings, generally everyone will first consider the quality problem, the degree of safety, and then whether the price is affordable, but as the raw materials and production costs of the products increase, more and more businesses begin to adulterate their own products or false propaganda, most of the market is of good quality, the price is high, or the price is relatively cheap, but the product is not guaranteed, the ordinary people can not distinguish the quality of the product, can only be selected by feeling, by brand selection. Now give everyone a trick, how do we buy a good balcony railing with a good balcony aluminum fencing.


Look at the standard: First of all, according to the national standard, the common low window sill is about 0.5 meters away from the ground. If the inner wall is increased by 0.4 meters, the fence or fence must meet the protective measures of the specification. If the window sill is too large, such as the bay window, the child often Standing on the window sill, and the user must stand on the window sill to open the window. At this time, the height of the guardrail attached to the window sill should be 0.9 meters. The net height of balcony railings for residential buildings of six and six floors shall not be less than one and five meters. The net height of balcony railings for seven or more floors shall not be less than 1.10 meters. Balcony railings should be protected. The clearance between vertical bars of protective railings shall not exceed 0.11 m. The gap of the railing is more than 0.11 meters, which is easy to become a safety hazard. If the juvenile has no judgment ability, it is easy to drill and fall off the railing.

balcony aluminium fence


Look at the product: the surface of the balcony railing sold is not very smooth, whether there isa bump on the surface of the product, whether the effect of the painting is reasonable, the surface problem is only a macro phenomenon, but the nature of the guardrail can also be seen from the surface. Process and integrity issues. Like some balcony railings, the surface will have a variety of fancy, the quality of the pattern we can see from the appearance, the line is not very rough, the color is not dull, the overall product is not very bulky, no beauty. We can all observe these problems from the appearance to determine whether the guardrail products are credible.


Look at the evaluation: It depends on the evaluation of the customer. Qualified friends can ask their friends around them. Where are the zinc steel guardrails? If there are no friends, you can find several manufacturers and compare them.


Look at the manufacturer: choose the manufacturer with moderate price, then go to the factory to inspect, look at the factory scale, company strength, product samples, so that you can buy high-quality balcony railing products.