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How to choose high-quality aluminum doors and windows?

(1),Surface quality of the products.
Doors and windows surface quality will affect the overall installation, so the purchase should pay attention to the following aspects to check the quality of the doors and windows surface:
1. Doors and windows decorative surface should not have obvious damage, doors and windows protective film surface should not have scratches.
2. Doors and windows adjacent components should not have significant color difference.
3. Doors and windows surfaces should not have aluminum chip, burrs, oil spots or other stains; assembly joints should not be spilled adhesive; there should not be too many nail holes exposed, affecting the appearance. In this regard, A&L aluminum company also do the simple analysis of the aluminum doors and windows products, there has rosewood , gorgeous gold color, bright and beautiful, giving a fresh and elegant feeling to people. The main material are imported, coupled with imported extruder and mould, then aluminum profile looks fine, uniform and high-quality.
(2), Product size deviation as small as possible
Aluminum alloy door and window products will have a size deviation of the qualified range, the smallest size deviation as well. Out of range, it is substandard products. For example, there are standard provisions, the width and the height of the door & window sash notches should be ≤2000mm, the allowable deviation range is ±1.0mm; the positive and the side perpendicularity ≤2000mm, which allows deviation range is ≤2.0mm, and so on.
(3), Material needs to meet the requirements of 5 aspects
1, Thickness: Aluminum alloy sliding door has 75 series, 88 series, 103 series, 120 series (series number represents the thickness of the frame thickness mm), the interior of the aluminum alloy sliding door usually use 88 series. The aluminum alloy window, there are 50 series, 55 series, 70 series, 76 series, 118 series/120 series, 130 series for options, should be based on the size of the window hole and the local wind pressure value, among them, used as a closed balcony aluminum sliding sash should not be less than 55 series.
2, Strength: Tensile strength should reach 157 Newtons per square meter and yield strength to 108 Newtons per square millimeter. When you purchase, you can hand moderate bending profile, let go after the restoration of the best.
3, Flatness: Check aluminum alloy surface, it should be no depression or bulging.
4, Gloss: aluminum doors and windows to avoid the purchase of open surface air bubbles (white spots) and ash (black spots), as well as cracks, burrs, peeling and other obvious defects profiles.
5, Degree of oxidation: oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. When you purchase light profile in the profile to see if the surface of the oxide film can be erased.
(4), Aluminum doors and windows components connected firmly
In terms of components, aluminum alloy doors and windows components should be firmly connected, A&L aluminium window manufacturers in this area also has more advantages.