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How to choose the color aluminum window

The color aluminum window has been widely appreciated by user for its excellent characteristics. The following items should be noted when selecting color modern aluminum windows:


Firstly, Material
The main materials for color aluminum windows generally include three aspects: aluminum profiles, glass, and hardware. When the owners purchase products, they often pay more attention to the thickness of aluminum profiles and glass, but the requirements for hardware are not very high. This is not comprehensive. In fact, the country's requirements for color aluminum windows are regulated. The aluminum profiles used for high-quality aluminum windows are generally able to meet the national specifications for their thickness, strength and oxide film. For example, the relevant national regulations require that the wall thickness of aluminum profiles for color aluminum windows should be no less than 1.2 mm, and the oxide film the thickness should reach 10 microns. The tempered glass is better than the general glass. If consider from the security and durable function, the hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) of stainless steel materials are better than the aluminum accessories, and the pulleys products best choose POM materials. Because such products have higher strength and wear resistance, the application process is smooth and not easy to damage.


Secondly, processing
With good materials, the next step is the processing of doors and windows. Because the technical and mechanization is not high at present, and most of them rely on the manual operation, which requires operators to have outstanding product quality awareness. It is very important to enhance the operator's proficiency and product awareness. High-quality color modern aluminum windows, precision processing, tangential circulation, common view (main frame material is generally 45 degrees or 90 degrees), in the splicing process should not show more obvious gaps, good sealing function, smooth switch. Defective color aluminum windows, especially when frameless balconies are used, if the processing fails, it will cause sealing problems. Not only leaks and rain will leak, but under strong winds and large external forces, the glass will crack and fall, which causes owners to lose assets or hurt people.


Thirdly, appearance
When the owners buy color aluminum window products, generally attach to the appearance of the product and glass decorative patterns, but often ignore the color aluminum window surface of the composite film, this composite film is an artificial oxide film color composition, with corrosion resistance, resistance Wear, high gloss, together with a certain fire protection function, so in the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows products to compare more similar products.



Fourthly, price
Because the price of color aluminum windows is directly related to the price of aluminum ingots, the price of color aluminum windows is relatively stable at a certain period. In general, the price of high-quality aluminum windows is lower than that of aluminum windows. The product should be 30% higher. The defective aluminum window is generally made of aluminum extruded aluminum that contains a lot of impurities. The aluminum profiles used are only 0.6-0.8 mm thick, and the tensile strength is much lower than the national regulations. This kind of color aluminum window, especially the frameless balcony window is very unsafe, so the owners don’t ignore the personal safety because of cheap.


Fifthly, function
The function of the color aluminum window is different depending on the scale of the application, but generally the following aspects should be considered:
(1) Strength, which is mainly reflected in the material selection of the profile of the aluminum window, whether he can withstand ultra high pressure.
(2) Airtightness is mainly reflected in the structure of doors and windows. Whether the internal fan and frame structure of the doors and windows are tight or not, and whether the frameless balcony windows are tight and not airtight.
(3) Watertightness, firstly check whether the color aluminum windows have accumulated water. , leakage phenomenon.
(4) sound insulation, which mainly depends on the sound insulation of insulating glass and other special sound-proof airtight strip structure and opening and closing force, heat insulation, nylon guide wheel durability, open and close lock durability, etc. Durability of other door and window accessories.