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How To Clean Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

Due to the active metal properties of aluminum, slight damage during processing can cause damage to the surface of the aluminum alloy, and even lead to discoloration and corrosion. So what should you pay attention to when cleaning aluminum surface?

We should pay attention to the following matters when cleaning the surface of aluminum windows frame profiles:

1. the choice of degreaser

Due to the poor effect of the single component cleaning agent, a multi-component, composite cleaning agent is generally used in the production of aluminum profiles. For example, a composite cleaning agent prepared by mixing a suitable ratio of a strong base, a weak base, a polymeric inorganic salt, or a surfactant, can use a composite cleaning agent to exert its own cleaning characteristics, thereby significantly improving the cleaning. effectiveness.

2. Foam and its control

In the cleaning process of aluminum profiles, the generation or removal of foam is important for the pre-treatment process. A certain amount of foam is advantageous for certain treatment processes, but the quality of the aluminum profile cleaning agent does not depend on the amount of foam, but When spraying in, the cleaning agent is required to be low-foaming, otherwise mass production will be difficult to carry out normally.

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3. pay attention to the quality of washing

In order to reduce the degree of pollution, the first step should be to minimize the contamination of the workpiece with cleaning fluid. In addition, multi-stage water washing should be considered, generally secondary washing, and some processes will be washed with pure water. The maximum level of water in the latter stage of washing is not more than one-tenth of that of the previous level of cleaning so that the residual concentration of the second stage is only one percent of the original concentration. When adding water, it is supplemented with overflow to save water.


4. Strengthen process management

Strictly enforce operating procedures. Check the operating status every day and observe the process parameters at all times. Do not allow the workpiece to stagnate in the device for a long time to avoid corrosion. This is very important. Aluminum alloy profiles are immersed in the equipment for a long time, which will increase the corrosion of the workpiece.