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Industrial Aluminum Profile

Yonglian Aluminum Co., Ltd and Chuangyue Aluminum Co., Ltd both have a lot of experiences in industrial Aluminum Profile areas, supplying variety of industrial aluminum profile such as aluminum building tube, for example, we have more than 1000 moulds to support our production. In our company, we usually produce general industrial aluminum profile: mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing, such as automated mechanical equipment, the skeleton of the enclosure and various companies to customize the mold according to their own mechanical equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor, hoist, dispenser, testing equipment , the shelves, etc., the electronic machinery industry and clean rooms are mostly used.

Yonglian And Chuangyue aluminum industrial aluminum profile is an alloy material mainly composed of aluminum. The aluminum rod is extruded by hot melt to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-section shapes, but the proportion of the added alloy is different, and the industrial aluminum profiles produced by the industrial aluminum profiles are Mechanical properties and application areas are also different. Fields of application Generally speaking, industrial aluminum profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except building doors and windows, curtain walls, interior and exterior decoration and aluminum profiles for building structures.