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Necessary equipment for the aluminum electrophoresis

(1) The equipment of aluminum electrophoresis groove: Aluminum electrophoresis groove design for the rectangular groove, base size depends on the hanging, crane with 4-6mm, steel lined with polypropylene or epoxy fiberglass, to be set up overflow groove.
(2) Electrical Power: DC 0-250A arbitrary adjustable, electricity account according to 50A/㎡, about 2000A/slot. The ripple factor of the power must be less than 6%, the greater the value, the greater probability of the electrophoretic coating porosity.
(3) Electrode: In the anodic electrophoresis, aluminum as the anode, the cathode plate with stainless steel or aluminum, the cathode area of the total workpiece area of 1 times. Plate diaphragm polypropylene fiber cloth.
(4) Hot swap system: guarantee the groove temperature stability.
(5) Pre-slot and automatically addition system: Pre-groove to complete the preparation of electrophoresis liquid to ensure that the normal parameters. Automatically addition system to ensure that the amount of electrophoretic paint consumed to supplement each groove of modular aluminium profile to ensure that the electrophoresis groove solid content within the process to ensure uniform film thickness.
(6) Ion Exchange processing (IR) system: Aluminum anode electrophoresis, the cathode pH value will continue to increase, the use of ion exchange resin system can remove impurities in the groove, anion, cation pH value of bath solution stability, if coupled with reverse osmosis (RO) can be closed system.