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New Process for Aluminum Doors and Windows—Seamless Welding

What is seamless welding?

Thermal insulation aluminum doors and windows are assembled from aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum joints without special treatment. Aluminum-wooden doors and windows are made of wood and aluminum, the outer aluminum joints have not been treated and there have gaps. Seamless welding machine made the aluminum doors and windows revolution into the 4.0 era, the outer aluminum frames use the seamless welding, after grinding and then do the surface coating, making the aluminum frame seamlessly, improve the aluminum doors and windows sealing performance and decorative performance.

seamless welding


Seamless welding machine: seamless aluminum welding machine, 45 ° angle seam welding, medium T-type welding, cross-welding which special for the aluminum doors and windows equipment. This machine is controlled by Panasonic system in Japan, with cylinder pressing, infrared correction, automatic center line, input weld length of the profile, automatic welding, automatic welding on the back of the profile input welding, and clearing the front welding knob, eliminating the need for a processing process. The profiled program only needs to be entered once, automatically stored, and used at will.



100 Series thermal insulation aluminum window is making seamless welding


inside open window


Aluminum-wood series inside open window seamless welding


Traditional manufacturing technology

The technology for the traditional aluminum doors and windows is actually a process of assembly. In fact, the production process is basically the same. The six-meter-long aluminum profile that is cut to the required length, and then the aluminum profile is subjected to milling, drilling, and spelling. This process flow will inevitably cause surface wear and secondary damage to the profile. The accuracy of processing cannot be guaranteed fundamentally.

metal splicing

Metal splicing, gaps cannot be avoided. Followed by the leakage of air leakage, not sound insulation that can’t be avoided;

aluminium window corner display

Traditional craftsmanship will inevitably be spliced into a 90-degree angle, and thus it will form a very sharp corner; especially families with children and the elderly. How many cases have been hurt by this sharp corner; however, our conventional solution is to put a bumper guard on it like a plaster.

bumper guard of window


Seamless welding process features:

1. Nice appearance, temperature insulation and sealing performance.
Seamless welding is an upgraded version, using seamless welding technology, outside aluminum formation, the level of simplicity; no bump, more beautiful and more decorative performance; make the aluminum doors and windows better for the sound insulation and heat insulation.

Samples for thermal insulation aluminum window with seamless welding

thermal insulation aluminum window onethermal insulation aluminum window two

bumper guard of windowthermal insulation aluminum window three



The frame is sturdier, not easily deformed, extending the service life of the aluminum doors and windows
Because of the thermal expansion and contraction of the season change for the aluminum, which may cause the water leakage of the aluminum doors and windows. which will cause corrosion of the interior profiles and endanger the life of doors and windows. If the seamless welding process is used for doors and windows, the above problems are well avoided. The window frame is sturdier and the spraying of the door and window joints is more uniform.
The real energy-saving system doors and windows are not a single insulation profile or a Low-E insulating glass energy-saving material. It is a perfect combination of systems, and the integrated results of all aspects are indispensable. It is important to measure the energy efficiency of building doors and windows. Consider three elements, namely the convection of heat, the conduction of heat, and the radiation of heat:

1. The loss of heat is caused by the circulation of hot and cold air through the gaps between aluminum windows and doors. Heat is exchanged by convection of gases and heat is lost.
2. Heat conduction is the transfer of heat by the molecular motion of the materials used in the aluminum doors and windows. It passes through one side of the material to the other, causing heat loss.
3. Radiation is mainly transmitted directly in the form of radiation, resulting in energy loss.
Thermal insulation seamless welding is an innovation in the door and window industry. It effectively improves the heat loss of doors and windows and is an important milestone in the development of energy-saving systems.