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Production Process and Production Technology of Pure Aluminum Tubes


Pure aluminum tube in the industry mostly use of the industrialization rolling wings. Such products are widely used in the general industrial heating, large-scale refrigeration and heat transfer equipment and the car’s high-performance radiators. From its attached to the pipeline are steel and brass, the rolling performance and the corresponding quality is the main.
Here to 1060H112 for example, from the material, extrusion, storage and transportation to illustrate the quality control of pure aluminum tube.
The aluminum purity of the pure aluminum pipe is very important, although the customer contract is clearly identified as 1060 alloy, but relative to its GB / T3190 alloy composition in the impurity content is likely to cause aluminum fin cracking defects. So in the actual composition control, the aluminum alloy composition of the corresponding strict control.
Extrusion to the pure aluminum pipe performance, no matter the high degree or rolling elongation, or rolling yield is playing the decision role, the impact of extrusion for the pure aluminum tube is reflected in the following aspect:
2.1 Mold
Ordinary non-rolled aluminum pipe extrusion mold design without considering the problem of full welding, under normal inspection, the appearance hasn’t obvious pattern, no obvious cracking can be, under such conditions, the internal pressure capacity Generally higher than the index value of 1.5 times. But for the pure aluminum pipe, the welding requirements is very important, then the ordinary mold design can’t meet the requirements, relative to the general mold should be fully welded. In the mold design should be sufficient sinking bridge treatment, in this state, compared with the ordinary mold with 10-12mm difference, aluminum manufacturers for the pure aluminum rolling wing fins have a deep impact.
2.2 Heating up
Ordinary profiles of aluminum rods are generally heated between 450-490 ℃, holding about 2.5 hours, but for pure aluminum tube aluminum rod heating is not applicable. The author after a long period of testing, groping and trial final discovery, heating temperature control in the 500-530 ℃ between the most reasonable, and insulation in more than 2.5 hours. This ensures sufficient welding, height and elongation.
2.3 Cooling
For the H112 state required, don’t have to cool the whole air, as long as the aluminum tube is not burned to burn the cooling bed can be, without affecting the subsequent straightening temperature.
2.4 Straightening
Due to material and temperature reasons, for pure aluminum pipe, the straightening length and length ratio of pipe length between 30: 8400 can be.
2.5 Sawing
Pure aluminum tube in the sawing for both ends of the head length of the material has strict requirements, experience and calculation to prove that the material head to remove the length of ≥ 1.8m is very suitable.
3. Storage and transportation
Due to the special circumstances of pure aluminum tube, its material and hardness, cross-section of the reasons, but also consider the length of the situation, pure aluminum tube is not suitable for long-distance frequent handling, because it is likely to cause bending bumps, so pure aluminum the custody of the round pipe adopts the principle of nearest custody. At the same time for the loading and unloading problem is equipped with a dedicated vehicle: the production of 9 meters long pallet, the plate surface covered with rubber to prevent the aluminum tube wear, while preventing bending.