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Some problems that should be considered when buy the aluminum windows and doors

1. Determine the window opening method, a sliding window or a flat window, such as a flat window or a top swing, or a left/right push. The owner himself chooses to do certain considerations. When the survey designer comes, he communicates your intentions well. Then he customizes the interior according to the special conditions. There are some aluminium doors and windows manufacturers who exaggerate the sealing of the sliding window during sales. Actually, the sliding window is affirmative, hasn’t good sealing performance.
2. Regarding the installation of single-glass windows, or hollowed-glass windows, it is recommended to choose hollow glass windows, which provide the best sound insulation and insulation performance.
3. When purchasing, it is necessary to go to the regular door and window manufacturers. The equipment in the small factory is simple, and the accuracy and strength cannot be guaranteed at all. In particular, plastic steel doors and windows, poor quality steel liners, and no steel liners, other accessories are also very poor.
4. The owner should first measure the approximate size of the windows. The doors and windows sold on the market are responsible for installation. Some unscrupulous merchants will make false reports when measuring to earn more profits. Some businesses also add to the loss of the costs of the profiles, which are unreasonable charges.
5. Looking for comparisons between several manufacturers is not just about comparing product quality, but also cost-effectiveness.