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The affection of the disqualification thermal bar

1, The change after water absorption and the affection of through
After the saturated water the thermal break will have more significant impact on the industrial aluminum profile repeat spray, as the aluminum profile spray temperature reaches about 200℃, the thermal break inside water is difficult to evaporate instantly, so when the thermal bar is saturated after absorbing water, it will have bubble, that the profile failed. Therefore, the amount of water absorption on the spray process is to be strictly controlled.
Water absorption is the inherent characteristics of nylon 66 thermal break bar, so the bar should be through as soon as possible after storage, make the first-in-first-out requirements, excessive moisture content will affect the wear efficiency or aluminum bubble phenomenon, it is recommended to save the best insulation temperature of 20℃-30℃, humidity <55%. As the nylon 66 in the cold, dry brittle, it is recommended to wear the product 3 days before opening the appropriate packaging, the product can absorb a certain amount of water, reduce brittleness and improve toughness.
2. The relationship between the placement time and size
The effect of water absorption on the size of Nylon 66 insulation is quite significant, although the dimensional changes of the insulation have little effect on the profile of rolled and rolled insulation (only need to adjust the wear and tear Pressure process parameters).
3. Thermal bar twists
In the production of wire rod often encountered twisting phenomenon, the main insulation is too tight when the bundle is completed, followed by transportation so that the insulation bar together, resulting in twisting strips, the actual production efficiency of employees have an impact , But also give trouble to production.
4. The affection of horizontal tensile strength
When used in winter and summer, there is a big temperature difference between the two profiles in the insulation profiles that form the thermal insulation aluminium heat sink profiles. This temperature difference will cause different deformation trends between the modular aluminium profile inside and outside the two chambers. Summer, the outer profile temperature is high, resulting in the outer arch retraction. Winter, the outer profile temperature is low, causing the arch outside the shrinking, this non-stop arch stress will make the insulation profile to produce a larger lateral lateral tension. If the transverse tensile strength of the insulation strip is low, breakage will occur, resulting in a quality problem with the insulation profile.