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The causes and elimination of torn crack on the aluminum surface

Aluminum surface crack defect characteristics: the surface of the aluminum material presents longitudinal fish-shaped repeat interval broken lines, severely broken off directly.

The causes of aluminum surface cracks:
(1) Aluminum extrusion coefficient is too large, the extrusion temperature is too high (robs, tubes, mold three temperature), extrusion speed too fast..
(2) Squeeze pressure instability, fluctuated, or speed difference between stalls significantly, when the speed of the gear shift suddenly accelerated.
(3) Aluminum alloy extruded head pressure (stamping) is too fast, the end of running speed or not deceleration, a large number of dead zone aluminum infiltrates.
(4) The poor quality of the aluminum bar, bar burning, large, grains, loose. Pressure (V3 aluminum) is too thin.
(5) The flowing rate imbalance seriously and design unreasonable.

The eliminate ways of aluminum surface cracks
(1) When the modular aluminium profile extrusion coefficient too high, the aluminum alloy can produce on a small machine, using the appropriate extrusion ratio. In addition, the three temperature should be strictly controlled according to the production requirements, to adopt the appropriate extrusion speed.
(2) Concentration of operators, smooth speed, pressure can’t be high or low, manual operation with the shift.
(3) The aluminum profile stop in the front and back is dead zone or V3 volume (aluminum bar surface), impurities, poor quality, lack of viscosity, so the profile head and tail end of the extrusion speed should be slow sown.
(4) Aluminum bar surface should be fine and clean without oil, the internal organization to achieve compliance, the aluminum bar should be residue (the length of the aluminum bar 5%) after the extrusion.
(5) The extrusion mold should be designed uniform flow rate qualify.