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The influence of electrophoretic coating on 6063 aluminum alloy

Electrophoretic coating has many advantages in the process of aluminum extrusion, and the advantages are very significant. Here is a brief introduction by aluminium extrusion company A&L Aluminum to the advantages of electrophoretic coating on aluminum profiles:

1. Be able to control the thickness of the coating film of the aluminum profile at will, and the thickness of the domestic and foreign films is usually controlled at 7 microns and 12 microns.

2. The treatment process of aluminum profile electrophoresis coating is very strict, which is very good for improving the yield of industrial aluminum profile.

3. The quality of electrophoresis coating film is very good. Acrylic resin by using amino resin to become solid, ensures that the coating of high decorative effect and higher corrosion resistance decay, because resin has high transparent performance at the same time, have the effect very much to the highlights of the aluminum metal texture, according to the adornment demand still can get inferior smooth, the sand surface, such as pearl decoration effect.

4. The application efficiency of coating is high. Because of the low viscosity of paint, aluminum products with less, and electrophoresis artifacts can be washed, the use of recycling equipment of electro-deposition coatings efficiency reached 95%.

5. Easy to achieve the purpose of automatic production. Because aluminum is in aqueous electrophoresis tank for electrophoretic painting, and the anode oxidation, electrochemical dyeing processing is similar to that of processing time is short, easy to complete the whole process of assembly line work.

6, with general comparison, electrolytic coloring airtight holes processing with the save time, the balance of human is a little bit, electrophoresis coating film does not need to be closed pores, prevent the fracture lines brought on by a closed holes is not ideal.

7. Electrophoretic coating film is average and dense. Because the aluminum in the process of electrophoretic coating has higher swimming through force, to shape the profiles of heavy and complicated, also can get the average film and after adjusting the power to control coating thickness.

In addition to the above advantages, electrophoresis coating for aluminum profiles can also improve its safety and transparent performance, making aluminum profiles more widely used.