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The influence of extrusion ratio on 6063 aluminum alloy

The 6063 aluminum alloy belongs to Al-Mg-Si system and can be strengthened by Mg2Si, this aluminum alloy is the heat treatment and also can be strengthen. It has the best comprehensive performance in all the products like modular aluminium profile. The main product is extruded profile which is the best extrusion alloy. 6063 aluminum alloy is widely used in decorative structure, with good resistance to corrosion, polishing, anodizing and painting performance. Since the main products of 6063 aluminum alloy are extruded profiles in the market, it is importance to choose the right extrusions to improve the performance of the products. This paper mainly analyzes the influence of extrusion ratio on microstructure and mechanical properties of alloy, and provides basis for improving the extrusion process of 6063 alloy and improving the product quality of the alloy.
The 6063 aluminum alloy is prepared by pure aluminum ingot, pure magnesium and Al-Si intermediate alloy, whose alloy component is (quality score, %) : 0.43Si,0.001Cu,0.701Mg,0.005Zn,0.071Ti,0.17Fe,0.001Mn, remainder Al. Melting good 6063 aluminum solution pouring into Φ 120 mm aluminum rods, after 560 ℃ x 6 h homogenization treatment, put the bar heated to 460 ℃ in 600t pressing machine in different than extruding into solid round bar, extrusion ratio were 32.7 (A), 39.05 (B), 49 (C), 59.55 (D) and 68.64 (E). Extrusion solid round bar will be after aging treatment is 200 ℃ for 2 h.