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Understanding of aluminum profile decorative surface

Architectural aluminum profiles, used in windows and doors, curtain walls or other buildings, with a decorative role, so the surface intact or not is an indicator of quality.
National standard GB5237 is the definition of decorative surface: "Decorative surface refers to the profile after processing, production and installation in the building, in the open and closed state, the surface can still be seen." Understand that, profile products have been done, and installed to the use of location, people can see the surface profile is the decorative surface.

Because of the use of the product function, when the product displays its function, the visible interior surface is also a decorative surface. For example, after the window is opened, the inner side of the frame fan can be seen, so the adjacent side surface of the frame fan is also a decorative surface.
The decorative surface of the industrial aluminum profile need to control, but due to restrictions on the production process, it is difficult to control the decorative surface quality. Now my opinions of the decorative surface as follows:
1. Decorative surface shape is complex
Decorative surface shape is more complex, not a single plane, often with ribs and other grooves. These complex shapes, such as aluminum profiles the internal angle, the lateral groove surface (see pic 1), the thickness of the spray coating is difficult to achieve the stand value. Therefore, the national standard GB5237.4 and GB5237.5 similar to the surface coating thickness below the specified value is allowed. In other words, the surface of the spray coating thickness less than the required standard value still is the qualified products. In practice, the measurement of the coating thickness of these surface is not easy to achieve, usually only visual, do not use the instrument measurements.