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What kind of equipment needed for an aluminum profile factory

What kind of equipment does aluminum extruder and extruder need for an aluminium profile suppliers factory? After a research for, we summarized, many clients know aluminum extrusion machine is used to produce aluminum products, but they don't know a complete set of production lines, aluminum production is need not extruder alone can be done. Today we are going to share with you the knowledge of extruders that customers don't know.

What equipment is needed to squeeze the production line?  The answer is: we need 6 kinds of equipment, equipment name and function are as follows:

1. Long stick hot shearing furnace: the long rod hot shearing furnace consists of three parts: the material rack, the furnace body and the hot shearing machine. It is the equipment for heating, cutting and feeding the raw material aluminum bar to the extruder.

2. Extruder: aluminum extruder is the main engine, and it is the power device of extruded profile.

3. Mold furnace: the mold furnace is used to warm the mold.

4. Tractor: the tractor has traction, sawing, and fixed length. The production line may not use the tractor, but no tractor should be used for three workers. Therefore, more than 95% of the manufacturers will be equipped.

5. Aluminum profile cold bed: the cold bed is made up of the first introduction, slide, feeding device, feeding device, straightening system, storage device, fixed scale transmission, finished saw table, and fixed ruler. It has the functions of cooling, feeding, straightening and sawing. 

6. Aging furnace: the aging furnace is composed of the track, the material car and the furnace body. Used to increase profile hardness.